52 cards

I have seen on the web for awhile, an idea to snail mail at least 52 cards in a year.  Pip is the latest one I’ve seen over at Meet Me at Mike’s  

The idea is to mail out some of the cards that I make. (I tend to give a lot of my cards away). I like this idea so I’m going to try to be consistent and send out cards. In order to keep myself accountable I’m going to try to post here the cards I send out. Some will be new cards I’ve made and some will some I’ve had in my stash. 
This is the first card I had and am sending out. I didn’t come up with this card idea. A good (and very talented) friend of mine, Kathleen, brought this card to our Wednesday morning group as a make and take for all of us. 

I just love the look of this card, kind of hated to send it out lol

I don’t know if you can see the sentiment, but it sayes, “just sitting here thinking about you”

I’m sending this card to my Mom and Dad. They are going through a rough time right now and I want to send them some cards as encouragement. 
Till next time, 



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