#30 days of lists 

As I mentioned yesterday I’m doing 30 Days of Lists this month. I’ve done this challenge before, but never finished it. I’m hoping this time will be different.

In the past I’ve waited until the day of the list to work on the page. As I said that method doesn’t seem to work for me. So this time I’m working on the pages ahead of time as I have the time, then the plan is to fill in the list on the day.

I found this basket at our local thrift store. 

I have collected whatever I think I want to use for this project-sticker, paper stamps, etc and put them in the basket. I also printed out the lists on clear stickers. (You can just see them to the left of the basket)

I’m hoping having everything together will keep me current. 

Here is the front cover. 

The inside cover. I taped the list on the inside cover. (I put washi tape on the list in case someone doesn’t what to know ahead of time)

  Today’s page and list. 
Looking forward to the rest of the lists. 


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