The Quilt

Sorry I haven’t been around. Life sometimes get in the way of art lol.

I haven’t been working on my #30 Lists, because I’ve been working on a quilt. I will hopefully get back to it soon. 

The first week of August I signed up for a quilting class. I have quilted in the past, but that was about 20 years ago. Boy have things changed! The lady I took the class from lives about 10 minutes away. I had great time learning to quilt and getting to know Laurene. She is a professional quilter. Check out her stuff on Facebook, she is peacock quilting.  (Her website)

It was fun picking out fabric. After that I cut the blocks out I needed.

Then it was time to sew them together 

Once they were sewn together I cut them into the blocks I was going to use. 

I had fun deciding which block went where. 

The finished top……

 And with the border….

I just have the back and binding to finish and then I’ll have Laurene quilt it for me. I’m having so much fun quilting I’m already thinking about my next quilt (or 2 lol) Will keep you posted. 


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