Today I get to celebrate 2 happy dances!

The first Dance is that I finally have caught up on my Into The Jungle SAL.

Here is where I was last update.

Here I’m am now.

May’s critter was an alligator.

And June’s critters were a couple of cockatiels.

It sure feels good to be caught up.

I caught up and then had 2 weeks until the update. So I had to find something else to work on. I decided to do The Frosted Pumpkin’s Hello Summer.

This is such a cute and easy project. So here is happy dance #2

There are 4 projects in this series. Not sure if I’ll start the next one or something different.

Make sure you check out what the others in the SAL have been up to.

Avis,Claire,Gun,Claire,LucyAnn,Kate,Jess,Sue,Constanze,DebbieRose,Christina,Kathy,Margaret,Cindy,Helen,Steph,Mary Margaret,Heidi,Jackie,Sunny,Hayley,Tony,Megan, Timothy,

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