SAL August

Wow those 3 weeks went by super fast. Was super busy but did get some stitching time in. I’m afraid that what I’ve been stitching isn’t very exciting.

I mentioned awhile ago that I wanted to make 2 of the Into The Jungle samplers, since I have 2 granddaughters that volunteer at the zoo. I’m going to give the samplers to them for Christmas. So I figured if I didn’t want to have a total freak out in December I need to get busy on the second sampler. So that is want I’ve been working on this time.

I’ve finished the top border and one of the squares. Once I finish the bottom border I think it will be easy to do the squares and catch up.

So it is kind of boring for you guys, since you have seen the sampler already, but here is want I’ve done so far on the second one.

And here are the 2 samplers together.

We have a returning member this time. Welcome back Connie. Be sure and check out what everyone else has been doing.


22 thoughts on “SAL August

  1. If you can cope with doing the same stitching twice, we can certainly cope with watching you do it! What a fun idea for granddaughter gifts, and at the speed you’re going, you should certainly be done well in time for Christmas.

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    1. Thanks. Great advice, I think this one is going a little faster because I made my mistakes on the first one and havenโ€™t repeated them. No frogging so far ๐Ÿ˜€


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