SAL-February #2

Well I’m afraid I don’t have much to show you on my Pumpkinville project. I had the banner all finished except for the clouds and noticed I was 1 stitch off. I thought about just ignoring it but then decided that would throw the rest of the blocks off on that side. It would have been a lot of frogging so I just decided to start over. So far I only have half of the words done.

I’m traveling right now so don’t have much to show.

So this update is basically nothing to show. Hopefully more next time.

Our group seems to growing by leaps and bounds. We have added an other new member. Please welcome Sharon and check out what the others have been up to.

See you in three weeks.

Avis,Claire, Gun,Claire,LucyAnn,Kate,Jess,Sue,Constanze,Debbierose,Christina,Kathy,Margaret,Cindy,Helen,Steph,Heidi,Jackie,Sunny,Harley,Megan,Catherine,Deborah Connie,Clare, Mary Margaret,Renee,Jenny,Carmela, Jocelyn,Sharon

22 thoughts on “SAL-February #2

  1. Oh I know how you feel as I found I was a stitch out the other week when I was doing the hardanger. As it would have meant ordering more fabric to start again I frogged but hardanger is so unforgiving if you get a stitch wrong there is no way you can work round it. Never mind you still have something to show and I am sure next time there will be lots more

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  2. I know what that’s like. I ended up redoing most of my border due to one stitch out. Isn’t it frustrating?! It’s worth restarting it though as now you know it’ll all be right.


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