Christmas card -52 {Christmas} Card Throwdown

I have decided that it is time to start sharing some of my cards with you again. Things are starting to slow down some and I have been redoing my craft room, so my mojo is back and I’m ready to start card making again.

I decided a good way to get back in the swing of things is to join a challenge or two. One of the challenges I’ve followed for awhile is 52 {Christmas} Card Throwdown. I like this challenge because I do Christmas cards all year long , so this is a great one to keep me inspired.

This week’s challenge is a chard sketch

Here is what I came up with.

And the inside…..

Now only about 20 more cards to catch up. 😄

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep a regular schedule, we’ll see

Until next time.



SAL September #2

I think I say this in every post, but has it been 3 weeks already? How did it get to be the end of September? Where did the summer go? So hard to believe it will be Christmas soon.

Anyway, I was able to get a lot more stitching in these last three weeks.

Here’s where I was 3 weeks ago.

I was able to finish the bottom border and complete 3 more animals and just have to finish the branch the cockatiels are sitting on for a 4th animal.

So only one more square to go and then I’ll be caught up with my first one. Then I have August and September’s squares to catch up on both. I’m on a roll so I have faith I’ll catch up soon.

Here are both of them together. Pretty soon it will be hard to tell which one was the first one I started.

The next update is on October 21st.

Be sure to see where the others in the SAL are. I think we may have a few happy dances (finished projects) this time.


SAL September

So it’s that time again. I didn’t seem to have as much time to stitch. Oh well. I did get some done though. I finished the January clue and almost done with February. The border seems to be going faster this time. Maybe I made all my mistakes in the first one and this way will be smooth sailing. (One can hope lol)

Here is last time

And now.

See you in three weeks

Be sure to check out where everyone else is.


SAL August

Wow those 3 weeks went by super fast. Was super busy but did get some stitching time in. I’m afraid that what I’ve been stitching isn’t very exciting.

I mentioned awhile ago that I wanted to make 2 of the Into The Jungle samplers, since I have 2 granddaughters that volunteer at the zoo. I’m going to give the samplers to them for Christmas. So I figured if I didn’t want to have a total freak out in December I need to get busy on the second sampler. So that is want I’ve been working on this time.

I’ve finished the top border and one of the squares. Once I finish the bottom border I think it will be easy to do the squares and catch up.

So it is kind of boring for you guys, since you have seen the sampler already, but here is want I’ve done so far on the second one.

And here are the 2 samplers together.

We have a returning member this time. Welcome back Connie. Be sure and check out what everyone else has been doing.


SAL July #2

Well I’m a little late getting this post out. We had a lot of family staying with us this weekend, so some stuff got put on hold.

Not much to share this time. I did a 4th of July sampler. I have finished it except for 3 scallops on the bottom row, so I’m going to say it’s a happy dance 😀

I haven’t been cross stitching much this last 3 weeks, because I’ve been working on my Ivy over the Door shawl. I’m almost halfway done. I’m really liking this shawl.

Be sure to check out what the others are have been doing. This time we have a returning member, Catherine and a new member, Deborah

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SAL July

Sorry I’m late getting this update posted. I was out of town and didn’t have internet connection 😔

I did get quite a bit of stitching in. I decided to start the Welcome Spring sampler. I’m having a lot of fun stitching these samplers. They are on the smaller side and easy to work on. The finished pieces are 4″ X 4 1/2″

So here is my Hello Spring

I also received the July animal for Into The Jungle. This month is a cute little monkey.

And here is the piece so far.

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Today I get to celebrate 2 happy dances!

The first Dance is that I finally have caught up on my Into The Jungle SAL.

Here is where I was last update.

Here I’m am now.

May’s critter was an alligator.

And June’s critters were a couple of cockatiels.

It sure feels good to be caught up.

I caught up and then had 2 weeks until the update. So I had to find something else to work on. I decided to do The Frosted Pumpkin’s Hello Summer.

This is such a cute and easy project. So here is happy dance #2

There are 4 projects in this series. Not sure if I’ll start the next one or something different.

Make sure you check out what the others in the SAL have been up to.

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