SAL update July 

Wow another 3 weeks have flown past. I’m afraid that there is going to be very little progress in the next few months. To much other fun stuff going on 😀

Here is where I was last update

And here is where I am now. A little progress, but some is better than nothing. 

Don’t forget to check the other members of the SAL. We even have a new member, welcome Heidi. She will be join the updates in August, but check out what she is doing in the meantime. 

Avis, Claire, Gun, Carole, LucyAnn, Kate,  Jess, Sue, Constanze, Debbierose, Christina, Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, Helen, Steph, Catherine, Mary Margaret, Timothy, and our new member  Heidi


SAL-June Update

Wow time sure has flown by. I’m sorry I missed the last update. It’s hard to believe 6 weeks has pasted already. I was on vacation in Europe, and then the jet lag kicked my butt 😀.

I’m  afraid I don’t have much progress to report. I have gotten some stitching in, just kind of hard to see the progress.

Here is where I was the last time I updated.

And here is where I’m at now.

As I said it’s hard to see much difference. Hopefully next time I’ll have more done and it will be easier to see a difference.
Please check out the other stitchers in the SAL and what they have done. There is even a finished project or two.

Avis,  Claire, Gun, Carole, LucyAnn, Kate, Jess, Sue, ConstanzeDebbierose, Christina, Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, Helen, Steph, Catherine, Wendy, Mary Margaret, Timothy

May Update

Sorry there is no update this time. I’m still on holiday and have had very little stitching time.  Hopefully I’ll have more done on the next update. 

If you want to read about my trip check out my other blog here where I’m doing updates about my travels.
Be sure to check out what the others have done. I’m sure they have more done, then I have 😀

Avis, Claire, Gun, Carole, LucyAnn, Kate, Jess, Sue, Constanze, Debbierose, Christina,  Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, Helen, Steph, Catherine, Wendy, Mary Margaret, Timothy

April Update #2

Time for another SAL update. I haven’t done much, was getting ready for our upcoming trip. Do get some work done on the plane, but not much since. 

Here is were I was last time 

Where I am now. 

Be sure to check out want the others have been doing. 

Avis, Claire, Gun, Carole, LucyAnn, Kate, Jess, Sue, Constanze, Debbierose, Christina, Susan, Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, Helen, Steph, Catherine, Wendy, Mary Margaret, Timothy

SAL-March Update 

Sorry this update is so late today. I was a  Stamping Retreat and just got home. 

I was able to get more stitching in this time. I finished the 3rd section and have started the last section.

Here is were I was last time

And here is what I have finished this time. 

Hopefully by the next update I’ll be finished and have started a new project. 

Be sure and stop by to see what the other ladies have done. (If you would like to join us, please contact Avis)
Avis, Claire, Gun, Carole, LucyAnn, Kate, Jess, Sue, Constanze, Debbierose, Christina, Susan, Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, Helen, Steph, Catherine

SAL Update, February 

Well it’s that time again, time sure did fly. 

I didn’t have as much down time these last 3weeks, but still got a lot done. I really like how the picture is coming together. I finished the last section and line work. So glad I decided to do the line work before I start a new section, it gave me a few problems and I’m not sure I would of finished it is I was done with everything. 
What it looked like last update. 

And now. 

I think I’m ready to be done though, I’m already thinking about what I want to stitch next. 😀 (but I’ll finish this one before I start something new!) 
Be sure to check out the others in the SAL. (If you would like to join us, contact Avis)

Avis, Claire, Gun, Carole, LucyAnn, Kate, Jess, Sue, Constanze, Debbierose, Christina, Susan, Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, Helen, Steph, Catherine,

SAL Update – Delicate Wicket #2

I can’t believe it has been three weeks already. I was able to get a lot done again this time. I’m taking advantage of the down time I have now, because I know it won’t always be this way 😀

Here is went I had done last time….

I finshed the line work on the part I was working on last time. I then started the next section and am almost done, except for a little more line work. I’m really pleased with the way it is turning out. I’m also glad I decided to do the line work as I finish each section, because I’m already not wanting to work on it. I’m telling myself that I can’t start a new section until I finish and it is working so far. 

Another update in three weeks  

Don’t for get to visit the other ladies in the SAL and see want they have done. 

Avis, Claire, Gun, Lucy Ann, Kate,  Jess, Sue, Constanze, Debbierose, Christina, Susan, Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, Helen, Steph, Catherine, Wendy,  Carole